The founder of the fashion house is Thierry Hermes, and he opend their first store in 1837, which was merely a saddlery workshop. He had no idea that this small idea would grow to become one of the world’s most iconic labels and recognizable brands globally. That first brick and mortar store on 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré still remains the flagship location, and is visited by many. The early 1900’s was the time when the brand began to branch out and make different types of leather goods such as bags (meant to be big enough to carry saddles), luggage, and small accessories.

From that point on, up until the present day, the brand continued to evolve. They have added clothing, scarves, and shoes to their repertoire, and took on well-known designers to create these collections such as Jean-Paul Gaultier . Each aspect of the brand shines radiantly season after season and draws a lot of excitement from the press, but their stellar Birkin bag is their true gem.

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