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The Expensive Handbag Brands – Prada

Prada is an Italian fashion house that specializes in luxury items for both men and women. Mario Prada established the company in 1913. It produces a variety of accessories, from clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories and jewelries to perfumes, watches and even wines and spirits. It also has a noted leather collection.The company’s handbags are considered to be [...]

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The Best Mini-Bags for Fall 2016

Call it the mini-me syndrome. The latest bags are often scaled-down versions of large-bag styles with familiar silhouettes. In the case of Coach, a variety of varsity patches cover the surface of a small saddlebag. Hugo Bossoffers a petite leather interpretation with a camera caselike shape. And Alexander Wang rocks a diminutive version of [...]

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The Best Tote Bags for Fall 2016

Totes are ubiquitous among urbanites for a reason: In a mass-transit city, they pick up where cars leave off, holding the day’s essentials from a.m. to p.m. And just like a motor vehicle, a tote offers a variety of  ways to express personal style. Anya Hindmarch’s pixelated-patterned version plays off her video-game theme for fall. Jason [...]

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Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World

Women will never have enough handbags. The insatiable desire has probably driven up its prices, thus making the bags really costly. But don’t say that to a woman, as she will do anything just to get even one of the 5 most expensive handbag brands in the world. 5.Prada 4.Chanel 3.Fendi 2.Hermes 1.Louis Vuitton

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What backpack is in style for 2016

Say hello to my next inspirational fashion post. In this article are gathered my favorite backpack that is going to be in style all 2016 year. If you need to know more fashin news. please visiting our website or twitter, pinterest.

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Why Are Birking Bags So Sought After?

Birkin bags are sought after because they are more than just an accessory, but a collector’s item. The same way that men can be known for collecting coins or sports cars, the Birkin bag is the female equivalent. They are coveted, and become more valuable over time. Collectors are paying for the high end [...]

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History of Hermes

The founder of the fashion house is Thierry Hermes, and he opend their first store in 1837, which was merely a saddlery workshop. He had no idea that this small idea would grow to become one of the world’s most iconic labels and recognizable brands globally. That first brick and mortar store on 24 [...]

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The Best Evening Bags for Fall 2016

Come nightfall, the dress isn’t the only way to dazzle. One’s evening bag often makes just as much of a statement as one’s clothing. Especially this fall. The autumn’s crop of bag are equal parts functional objects and objets d’art. For instance, Alexander McQueen showed a white leather version decorated with a [...]

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Regaining Exclusivity with the $5 600 Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

    Shares in the LVMH Group have been under-performing since early 2013. There are concerns that the brand is already too ‘ubiquitous’ or too ‘mass’, making consumers lose their demand for the French luxury brand. However, this year has made a turnaround for Louis Vuitton with the release of its latest Capucines Bag [...]

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